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About dondot digital

Dondot digital was set up in 2014 by James Whitmarsh, a Digital Production Specialist with over 20 years experience creating innovative and successful digital solutions across multiple platforms for the BBC, Time Warner and Apple, amongst others.

What we do

Digital Transformation

Since 2014 Dondot Digital has worked with Blue Chip companies to help transform their processes from traditional Waterfall development to Agile methodologies

Product Management

We have been producing innovative Digital Products since 1994. Our Product Management expertise takes in the whole lifecycle of Digital Products, from inception to execution

Innovative Development

We have built products on many platforms, specialising in cutting edge and emerging technologies. Current expertise includes Blockchain development and AI Bots

Production management

It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple.

Steve Jobs

Our work


James Whitmarsh

James Whitmarsh

Founder and Managing Director

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